3 rooms dedicated respectively to the weighing of the raw materials, to the bulk manufacturing and to the cleaning of the equipment.

Our equipment:

  • Scales with automatic weighing control system
  • 4 smelters for the production of anhydrous formulas: 5 L, 50 L, 150 L and 300 L
  • 2 emulsifiers for the production of emulsions: 20 L and 150 L
  • 1 Ball mill for the manufacture of our own pigment mixtures in the context of very specific formulas
technologie fabrication cosmétique


fabrication rouge à lèvre

Lipsticks and lipbalms into slim, standard or chubby sticks

3 flexible mold fillers

Our equipment:

  • 1 machine with an average capacity of 15 p / minute, 900p / H
  • Max. Dosing temperature = 100 ° C
  • Equipped with 2 smelters of 50 L with agitation and airtight lid
  • 2 machines with average filling capacity at 30 p / minute, 1800 p / H
  • Max. Dosing temperature = 100 ° C
  • Each equipped with 2 smelters of 50 L with agitation and airtight lid

The latest, acquired in 2017, offers several innovations: cooling capacity in negative temperature, closing and bottling in an automatic and mirage station for optimized quality control.

Filling of liquid formulas:

Lipsticks, lipglosses, concealers, foundations, primers, highlighters in bottles or vials

  • 1 machine
  • Possible capacity: from 3 to 220 ml
  • Max filling temperature 40 to 45 ° C
  • Heated hopper
  • Average filling capacity: 900 p / H

Tube filler

  • Average filling capacity: 1800 p / hour
  • Standard filling size 20 mm (30 ml)
  • Possibility of filling sizes 19 (5ml), 35 (50ml) and 50 (200ml)

Hot pouring in jars, pans, palettes, backfilling or topfilling sticks

  • 1 filling machine, 3 smelters of 50 L with agitation and airtight lid
  • Max filling temperature = 100 ° C
  • Cooling temperature = 7 ° C in a tunnel
  • Flexible filling capacity, depends on the diameter of the packaging and its capacity of 600 to 900 p / H

Nail Polish Filling

  • 1 Machine
  • Max dosage = 24 ml
  • 2 filling pumps from 0 to 12 ml each
  • With cap screwing and labeling online
  • Average filling rate: 1000 to 1500 p / hour (depends on the capacity and packaging)


2 Automatic cartoners

Dimensional constraints of the automatic case filler:

  • Lenght: 12 to 190 mm
  • Width: 20 to 85 mm
  • Height: 12 to 60 mm
  • Traceability: Printing of the batch number by inkjet or embossing according to the type of case.
  • Average rate: 1400 p / H

3 Automatic labelling machines

  • Labeling with orientation according to screen printing (nail polish bottles)
  • Bottom labeling and security
  • Traceability: Printing batch number by thermal transfer on labels or laser engraving on the packaging.
  • Average rate: 1200 p / H
Amandine DA SILVA Pascual Cosmétiques

Amandine DA SILVA

Production Manager

Why this job? Well to combine teamwork and diversity in everyday life. Challenges to be met each week within a dynamic team and in a spirit of continuous improvement to adapt to the specificities of each product and meet the expectations of our customers. I mix human relations and the rigor required by production and stimulation that our activity brings.

Anais Pascual Cosmétiques


Manufacturing Manager

I first worked in the laboratory before managing the manufacturing department. This versatile position ensures multiple tasks that do not generate monotony. To make his passion his job was the thing the most obvious to for me to do!


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