On the occasion of the LUXE PACK MONACO 2018, ANJAC has gathered under one banner 4 of its sister companies: SICAF, AIRCOS, SHADELINE and PASCUAL. If the synergy was extremely deployed within the Group, it is now in the eyes of the profession that ANJAC brings together on one stand all of its expertise in make-up and skincare:

SICAF, the expert in high-tech skincare

Recognized for its emulsions, lotions, gels, oils, sticks, cosmetic balms of very high quality, SICAF is also the only entity in the profession to master rarer technologies such as microdosing.

AIRCOS, the No. 1 in make-up powder in France

The French leader masters the majority of production processes such as compacting, multi-compacting, filling of free powders but also the back injection, an innovative technology which reveals highlights.

SHADELINE, or dermocosmetics innovation

Specialist in dermocosmetics and Class I, II and OTC medical devices, SHADELINE is a key player in its field and an inexhaustible source of innovation.

PASCUAL, the specialist of “French make-up”

Initially recognized for its talents in filling lipsticks, PASCUAL has stood out for the last three years with products that win annual prizes for Innovation.

ANJAC has always been keen to build bridges between its various companies so that its customers could find within each of the entities the same positive state of mind and solid values that are the strength of the Group. LUXE PACK 2018 is a real success for the Group which will renew the experience next February, during the MAKE UP IN LOS ANGELES

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