And the winner is…

Since 2015 we have worked hard to make ourselves known and recognized as a key player in the coveted sphere of makeup.

Since the beginning, we have demonstrated our great motivation and commitment by regularly presenting differentiating products that allow us to stand out and win great international awards each year.

A young success story that makes us proud and that we hope will continue to grow and make you want !!!

2015 :

Make up in Paris :

Cushion liner : an eyeliner mousse, which structures and intensifies the look in a flutter of eyelashes


Make up in New York :

Again the Cushion liner

But also :

Cream to powder blush : a cream blush that transforms as soon as it is applied to the cheeks in a halo of subtly powdered color. Sensoriality and good-looking effect guaranteed !!

Aqua power FDT : A true water of complexion which floods the face of freshness and offers a perfect finish, subtly powdered and vibrant with naturalness. An ultra fluid, lightweight, and comfortable foundation that immediately fuses with the skin.


2016 :

Make up In New York :

Color up Lipgloss : Pink, Pink, Pink, this is the promise of this surprising green-flavored lipgloss made of 99.7% of natural ingredients that dresses the lips with a color of each gradually rising. A true innovation that combines the performance of technology with the reliability of nature.


2017 :

Make up in Paris : Cream to powder lipsthe latest addition to the Cream to Powder range !! A potted lipstick whose creamy texture on application instantly turns into a silky powder and lays on the lips only color and nothing but color.

Without any feeling of material on the lips, only the essential: softness and color.


2018 :

For our first participation in Make up In Los Angeles :

Smoke and gloss eyeshadow , a smoky eyes new generation that successfully succeeds in reliving the “Glow attitude” trend of the 2000s but this time for the eyes and with a lot of audacity and modernity.

At the same time discreet by its lightness and eccentric by its ultra shimmering finish, this hybrid texture combines without complex the brilliance of a gloss to the intense coverage of an eyeshadow for an eye makeup even more “wow” than breathtaking


Make up in Paris :

Precious metal gloss , more modern than ever, this lip gloss is precious with its light and ultra sensory texture. Its electric brilliance and its intense ultra-vibrant colors make it the object of all desires.

Place to the “full metal make up” that comes back and stands out in front of the stage !!!


Mattifink lipstick , a liquid lipstick that elegantly combines the finish and intense coverage of a matte red with the evanescence and fidelity of a lipstick. The lips infuse in a few seconds of a color with velvet “chicissime” without ever making a compromise between comfort and outfit.

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